5 Hoi An Recommendations – New Hotel, Beaches, Massage, Tailor, and Coconut Coffee

Hoi An!! just saying these words makes me smile 🙂

I was visiting here last month, and initially thought I will spend 3 days and ended up staying for 9 (!).

I know, it’s a long time for a 3 weeks trip, but somehow I just kept extending my stay as I was having such a great time.

Based on the time spent, I wanted to share some of my recommendations – as always, questions are more than welcomed!


This place made my stay in Hoi An so pleasant and allowed me to truly relax and get on vacation mode.

First of all – it’s new, so the room and facilities looked great and modern and were very clean. Here is a quick video I took of my room.

Check if they have available rooms on your travel dates here

BTW – As I previously was in 2 Hoi An hotels that were old and not maintained well, but looked great on the website and got great reviews – I learned that checking the open date of the hotel is also an important factor. 

In addition, they have a restaurant with diverse food options, a SPA with very trained personnel (I did 3 massages there and all were very professional), and an outdoor swimming pool.

Welcome drink at little beach boutique hotel Hoi An

I just love welcome drinks 🙂

There are also shuttles to the old town which is about 15 min drive – I actually found these very useful as I went there a few times.

Lastly, I have to mention the team here that was so friendly and helpful with anything I needed.

Check if they have available rooms on your travel dates here

Team at Little Beach Boutique Hoi An

Me and the team 🙂


Whether it’s beach or pool, you have lots of options to get your Vitamin Sea in Hoi An.

If you’re staying at Little Beach Hotel, there are a few places:

  1. Hotel Pool
  2. Private beach at Silk Beach Club
    Right in front of the hotel –  has a lovely pool and a nice restaurant

    Silk Beach Club Hoi An

    Banana Shake!! 🙂

    Silk Beach Club Hoi An

    Chicken Burger with Fries

  3. The DeckHouse at An Bang Beach
    A private beach to which the hotel offers shuttlesAn Bang Beach

    The Deck House An Bang Lunch

    Tuna with lime and cilantro, fries and fresh salad


No massage, no holiday!

I completely agree with this saying, and it’s also the name of a cute little place in the old town where you can get a good foot massage.

If you’re looking for a full body treatment, I highly recommend the hotel SPA that I mentioned before.

But please don’t leave Hoi An without getting one 🙂


Hoi An is well known for its tailors, but I didn’t realize how many there were until I got to the old town. At first, I was a bit overwhelmed by the number of shops.

That was until I saw this one that had very classic styles, which reminded a lot of a dress I wanted for quite some time. Somehow, I could never find it in stores!

It’s managed by 2 adorable sisters who were so nice and attentive.
I explained what I wanted, and she drew it exactly right and then took my measurements.

The dress was done the next day, and I came in for a fitting. I wanted it to be a little less tight on the waist which was no problem at all – I came back after an hour and it was already fixed!

There are many color options, and the quality of the fabric is good. Most importantly it doesn’t wrinkle a lot which is great for when you’re traveling.

All that for just 22 EUR – what a bargain! 🙂

Mùa Xuân Spring Hoi An

Hoi An Tailor Dream Dress


If you’re planning a Vietnam vacation, you probably already know that the weather is very HOT.

Super HOT.


That’s why this post is full of photos of refreshing cold drinks – but this one definitely wins the jackpot. If you’re in the old town and looking for an energy boost, you just have to try this delicious coconut coffee at Little Tokyo

Coconut coffee Hoi An

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