About Me

Hi there! I’m Adi, welcome to my blog!

First, allow me a quick introduction –

I’m 33 years old, living in Tel Aviv, a marketing professional in my education.

My 3 loves in life are traveling, food and writing –
and luckily for me, I get to combine all of them here 🙂

In the last 7 years, I have traveled more than 40 times to different parts of the world.

No matter which city I landed in, I always had the same conclusion – the quality of your time abroad has a lot to do with preparation.

Fortunately, I absolutely love researching for new hotels, great restaurants and fun experiences in every city I visit.

While this is something I enjoy and have done for a long time, I realize it’s not for everyone –

Today more than ever, there’s abundance of information to sift and sort through, that can sometimes leave you overwhelmed.

This is why I started my blog –

To help others enjoy organized itineraries and practical travel tips, all in one place.

Feel free to look around and get your travel inspiration going 🙂

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