My Munich Food Recommendations – Sushi, Coffee, Waffles & Wiener Schnitzel

I visited Munich quite a few times already, as the HQ of the company I work for is based in the area.

In my strolls around the city I got to experience the traditional Bavarian dishes, along with some other great foods.

So here are my recommendations for some good sushi, coffee, waffles, and one Wiener schnitzel, hopefully you can find something here for your next visit 🙂


It was a Sunday.

I was coming back from a trip in Austria with a few colleagues, starving and wanting to get some late lunch.

To my surprise, almost NOTHING was open (I later found out that most businesses in Munich are closed on Sundays).

So you can imagine how happy I was to come in from the rain to this cozy place.
I ordered some Miso soup and this brilliant salmon combo, everything was super fresh and delicious – just what I needed on a rainy Sunday!

Sushi Munich


I was strolling in Marienplatz on a Saturday, when I bumped into this lovely cafe, and the long line at the entrance convinced me this is where I should have my morning coffee.

I especially liked sipping it while standing at the bar tables, looking at people passing by and enjoying the nice weather 🙂

Coffee Munich

There are also lovely flower and food stands in this area, as part of the Viktualienmarkt Market – make sure to have a look at them as well.

Marienplatz Market Munich

Marienplatz Market Munich


Sometimes after a long day of walking around, I’m craving something sweet to bring some energy back – that same afternoon I was in a hunt for a plain waffle, and after a bit of googling I came across this place. They also serve ice creams and all kinds of sweet treats – so if you’re in need for a sugar rush, be sure to pay them a visit 🙂



Whenever I visit Munich for work, we normally have our team dinner at traditional places. By now, I got to visit quite a few Bavarian restaurants and taste test several Wiener schnitzels.

Here is my favorite one – this place is a bit far off the tourist places and offers the juicy dish below:

Schnitzel Munich

That’s it for now, hope you enjoyed these recommendations – feel free to write me or comment if you have questions!

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